The Natincò method

On the vineyard

Every vine assimilates and processes the mineral salts in the soil based on the luminosity of the vineyard and transforms them into unique notes of taste and smell: from one hill to the next, the aromas that the grapes give the wine will change. Small grapes and bunches are the best: the higher the skin to juice ratio, the more intense the aromas.

The harvest

The date of the harvest is decided after carefully monitoring the grapes and must be just right for each hill unit: when the grapes of a hill reach the desired maturity, the harvest for that hill begins.

In the cellar

The grapes are pressed within 6 hours of being harvested to avoid any unwanted organoleptic interference. We then proceed quickly with the soft pressing, the decanting process to separate the turbidity, then refrigeration to zero degrees and filtration.

After the harvest

The oenologist analyses the different cuvées, establishes the best combinations and composes them into Natincò. The wine is then made sparkling via the prise de mousse process and finally bottled.